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Who’s the Blonde Chicken?

Hi! I'm Tara and I'm the Blonde Chicken behind all this yarn! You can read more about how I got this silly nickname here or come learn about crafting a business here.

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Love notes when there's fresh yarn

Magnificent Monthly Yarn Mail

You love yarn.
You love mail.
You love when yarn comes in the mail.

Pakcaging for Blonde Chicken Boutique

So do I.

This love of yarny mail has inspired many Yarn Clubs, in which you pay a lot, all at once and get yarn for 6 months.


You might not have enough money to buy 6 months of yarn right now.
You may not want to commit to more than a few months.
You may want to just test it out and see if you like it.

And that’s smart.

So what’s a knitter to do?

When you love yarn-y mail and are yearning for a year of yarn? Or  maybe just your monthly yards of yarn?

The answer?
Magnificent Monthly Yarn Mail, a pay-as-you-go yarn club.

You pay for 1 month. You get at least 100 yards of magnificent handspun yarn 3 weeks later.

Every month you’ll be charged for the next month’s yarn.

You can cancel at any time.
You can join at any time.

You can get yarn every month for a year.
Or just the next three months.

It’s up to you.

You decide if you want wool or cotton handspun yarn.
You can tell me your favorite colors (or ask to be surprised!).

late summer

What if you don’t get a color you want to use?
I’ll pay for you to ship it back to me, then I’ll send you the color you really want.

How does it work?

Each month, you will automatically be charged (by Paypal) $35

  • You’ll get at least 100 yards of gorgeous handspun yarn.
  • You’ll get FREE shipping (Priority for US residents, First Class for international orders)
  • You’ll also get a super-helpful email with ideas and links to free patterns to actually USE the yarn.

If this is your first Month of Yarn Mail, you’ll get ideas for one skein. If it’s your third, you’ll get ideas for 3 skeins.

Yarn and helpful ideas on actually using it!


(But if you just want the yarn to pet and admire? That’s ok, too! No pressure to actually make something with it! The yarn is art, baby!)

Ready to try it?

What’s your favorite fiber?
What color would you adore? Or are you smitten by surprises?

When you’ve had enough Yarn Mail, you can leave at any time by clicking “Cancel Subscription in Paypal” or by emailing me! Super simple!

What might you make with all this yarn?

12 skeins is enough for most XL women’s sweater!
7 skeins is enough for a cozy blanket!
5 skeins is enough for most children’s sweaters!
3 skeins is enough for  a hat/scarf/mitten set!

Want to sign up for the whole year of handspun yarn?
You’ll get 2 months free if you sign up this week:
$350 for 12 months of yarn

What’s your favorite fiber?
What are your favorite colors? Or do you adore surprises?

(Shipping is FREE for anyone, anywhere)

PS. If you have ANY questions about ANY of this, please email me! taraATblondechickenboutiqueDOTcom!