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Who’s the Blonde Chicken?

Hi! I'm Tara and I'm the Blonde Chicken behind all this yarn! You can read more about how I got this silly nickname here or come learn about crafting a business here.

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Love notes when there's fresh yarn

To the Friend of a Yarn Lover

You have been sent to this page because you are a friend of a yarn-lover. This is a letter straight from her yarn-loving heart to yours.

Dear Loved One,

It’s {Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, the New Year, any day of the year}, the season of warmth and snuggles and gift giving.
You’re wondering what to get me…but I think we both know the answer:


Because you love me, I’m sure that you DO want to give me yarn, but I understand that it’s challenging.

What color? And what kind? And from where?


Well, that’s why I sent you to this page.

I’m a fan of this particular yarn-maker (Tara, the Blonde Chicken) and she’s got a solution.

(She ALSO asked for yarn for Christmas and knows how hard yarn-buying is for non-yarn-lovers.)


You buy the gift, and *I* get to pick out the color and fiber.


You can buy me 1 skein or an entire Year Of Yarn (the capitalization shows you that this is the Right Gift).


To make your purchase, fill in my email and the date that she can contact me (so she doesn’t ruin any surprises) and click Buy Now.

Once you’ve paid, Tara will email you a printable card that you can give me  (if we’re seeing each other) and a template email announcing the gift (in case you want to email me about it).

After that you don’t have to do a thing. SHE  will follow up with me about what color I want + my address.


And yes, that means you can wait until the very last minute to buy my gift…


Ok, so here’s where you buy ::


1 skein of handspun yarn, $35

Yarn Lover’s Email
Gift-giving date


A YEAR OF YARN!!!   $349

(1 skein every month, for 12 months)

Yarn Lover’s Email
Gift-giving date


Thanks for supporting my obsession hobby,

Your favorite yarn-lover