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Who’s the Blonde Chicken?

Hi! I'm Tara and I'm the Blonde Chicken behind all this yarn! You can read more about how I got this silly nickname here or come learn about crafting a business here.

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Hi! I’m Tara, the Blonde Chicken behind this Boutique.

Tara 2I do all the yarn dyeing, spinning, photographing  and writing while my husband, Jay serves as the shipping and design department.

Blonde Chicken Boutique was established in 2006 when I discovered a lack of beautiful, colorful eco-friendly yarns. BCB strives to provide all fiber artists with yarn that will make them feel good, knowing their creative endeavors are sustaining a healthier, gentler world.

Now, the question I am always asked:

What’s a Blonde Chicken?

Well, we’re not sure about other blonde chickens, but The Blonde Chicken is me, Tara. I’m a child of 2 marines (one an entrepreneur, one a life-long artiste) and was taught to work hard, study hard and find the beauty in the world around me. As a French major at a charming southern college I met the love of my life. When I met his family patriarch, a large man called only “Poppa”, he immediately dubbed me “Jay’s Blonde Chicken”. He called me nothing else and the name stuck. As Jay encouraged me to lead the creative life I’ve dreamed of; one full of knitting, yarn and color, the name came to represent my silly, fearless alter ego. Blonde Chicken Boutique is an extension of this creative life and is based on the belief that fiber artists are seeking beautiful yarn that enriches their own live while making a positive impact on the world around them.

Want to know more about this little operation?

Blonde Chicken Boutique is me, my husband, Jay, and our menagerie of employees:

Puppy yawn!

Beau the Bagle pup (Security and Investigations),

Happy, Sleepy New year!  41/365

Andre Paul Ramone, Bringer of Doom to all Kittykind (Quality Control) and

Stella in the yarn basket - 1/365

Stella the kitten (VP of Cute).

I studied French Lit at Lee University and after graduation realized my fear of public speaking might put a damper on my career plans of becoming a French Professor.

In the months following graduation and the wedding, I taught myself to knit (let’s face it, I was a little bored) from books and the internet.  Learning to knit led to learning to dye, which led to learning to spin. I started Blonde Chicken Boutique while dyeing custom skeins for a local yarn shop, but it wasn’t my passion until I started to look for eco-friendly fibers. In 2007, there weren’t a lot of options and I turned to local farms for fiber. Once I made my first farm visit (at Silver Thunder Alpacas), I was smitten. I realized I don’t want to just make yarn, I want to connect with farmers, share their passion for their animals with fiber artists who are equally passionate about their yarn. Building a community of fiber growers and fiber users is my main goal in everything I do here at Blonde Chicken Boutique. I’m ever-reaching towards that goal by offering the LocalSpun Club, talking about the farmers on the blog and selling their fiber in the Boutique.

I make all this yarn in my home, in Johnson City, TN (in the very tippy tip of TN, where it pokes between VA and NC). I dye in big pots in my kitchen while listening to NPR and crafty  podcasts like Stash & Burn, Cast-On, CraftyPod, CraftSanity.  I spin in the living room, usually snuggled in with Beau the pup.  Spinning requires long hours of sitting and while it’s great for quiet meditation, a girl (and her patient husband) can only take so much quiet. For that reason, we watch copious amounts of TV and movies, most recently Buffy (yeah, we’re late to the game), Battlestar Gallactica, How I Met Your Mother, The Office & Lost.

Now that I’ve made public our geekiness, I think that’s enough information! If you’d like to know more about how I spin and dyeh, you might want to visit the Videos!

Visit the Connect page to learn how you can connect with me and all the other Chicken-ettes.